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Chestnut puree with pieces

Chestnut puree: an innovative sweet discovery of Avgerino Voio in the region of Kozani.

Many people do not know that there are chestnuts, not only in Southern Germany and in France, but also in Greece. But where are the chestnuts? And what are the Greeks doing with them ?

In Greece, our team in Avgerino starts in October to pick the chestnuts in the mountain of Avgerino Voio in the region of Kozani.

In the beautiful traditional village, Avgerinos, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, there is a long history in chestnut. There are many chestnut trees some of them even 300 years old, which are growing in well kept gardens and many others in the wild area of the mountain, in an area of several kilometers around the village.

Always pure growning only with rainwater and without any fertillizers, giving us the most delicious chestnuts, which are therefore very tasteful and usually exported to Italy.

That was the reason why we started our first production of “ chestnuts puree “ in October 2014, under name “ The Avgeriniotika”.

An innovative new handmade product, without any preservatives which contains pieces of chestnut, and makes it different from the other products on the market.

Our tips:
Chestnut puree with pieces is not only often served with wild dishes and dark meat. Also for filling of meat dishes (eg. Roulade, roast turkey) and as desserts is the first choice among the gourmet fans.


October is the chestnut time

- The chestnut trees
The trees of chestnut are up to 35 meters high and live over hundred years. Each adult tree bears in normal years up to 50 kilos of dark brown delicacy. In summer you can see from a long distance the much light green colour of their leaves.

- The fruit
You can see clearly the different from other fruits because they are contained in a spine ball. This cannot be picked up without gloves. In these balls always stuck three chestnuts of which we have usually two of a usable size.

• Packing

106 ml / 120 gr
156 ml / 175 gr
212 ml / 230 gr

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