Wild Sea Fennel from Ikaria

Wild Sea Fennel from Ikaria

The Kritamo or Krithmon scientifically Crithmum maritimum, is a perennial succulent plant that grows in seaside, rocky areas or in sandy parts of the Mediterranean coasts. Intensely aromatic grass of summer, manually collected from the rocky shores of Ikaria the right time, with absolute respect for the biological cycle. Young shoots and fleshy leaves are combined in an own balanced recipe in vinegar which is made of traditional local Ikaria wine “Fokiano”. The delicious result is differentiated than usual pickle, so the sea fennel retains its flavor. Thus can be added to various foods in order to enrich them.

Cooking Use - Culinary usability:
It is a treasure of flavor in the Mediterranean cuisine, rich in aromas. We can make various dishes based at Kritamo or using complementary. We can try the sea fennel in salads (e.g. tomato with dakos, tomato salad or potato salad) in combination with legumes (e.g. beans, chickpea soup, lentil soup), soups (e.g. chicken soup, fish soup, vegetables), seafood (baked fish) omelets, sandwiches, tomato sauces or in scrambled eggs. Excellent also as an appetizer and is a good partner to ouzo, raki and tsikoudia.

It has medicinal properties even known in ancient times by Hippocrates, Dioscorides and Plinus, as it has many nutrients, such as iodine (essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones);Vitamins E, C, K and minerals. It also contains high quality antioxidants and omega-3 and used in pharmacy as an appetizer, detoxifying, emmenagogue, diuretic and blood purifier and is also beneficial for the liver.

100% natural product
Free from preservatives

Kritamo is a healthy diet and ensure the health and the longevity as the Ikarian people are famous.

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