Escargot - Snail


Since ancient times, the consumption of snails was well known especially of their very pleasant taste. The Minoans were the first who introduced the snails “ screw - κοχλιούς" as delicacy. More generally, the escargots were a great gastronomic habit of the ancient Greeks. From the mid-19th century the consumption of snails began to be consumed in many European countries and particularly in France. Today they have an important place in the Mediterranean diet increasing their demand. The high nutritional value and the difficulty of finding them, integrate the escargots in the group of luxury products with caviar, foie gras and truffles.

Our goal is to maintain consistent the quality and the sensory properties of the snails, so that the consumer enjoys the special taste and the quality of the product.

The operation of the cultivation is located outside the city of Kastoria in the municipal district of Dialekto at an altitude of 600 m near the river Aliakmon, where the microclimate is ideal for the cultivation of the snails. A modern facility that meets all terms and conditions of the Greek State for its operation. Thomas and Nicholas Giannikotsiou are the founders of the cultivation of this innovative product.


- Rich in amino acids
- Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
- Low calorie
- Rich in minerals (Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, P, B)
- Rich in vitamins B3
- Rich in trace elements Se

The inspired product of the most common recipe of French cuisine "Escargots de Bourguignon" with the Cretan culture of the Mediterranean gastronomy.

Our tips:

You can enjoy the filet of snail as an appetizer and snack or as an accompaniment to salad leaves, pasta risotto or pasta and goes well with Tsipouro, Ouzo, good wine or champagne.

snail 1A

Snail filet in extra virgin olive oil of Crete with rosemary and homemade vinegar.

Ingredients: high quality fillets of snails Helix aspersa, extra virgin olive oil of Crete, homemade vinegar, fresh rosemary leaves, sea salt, pepper.


snail 2Β

Snail filet cooked in extra virgin olive oil of Crete with parsley, garlic and white wine sauvignon.

Ingredients: high quality fillets of snails Helix aspersa, extra virgin olive oil of Crete, fresh parsley leaves, garlic, sea salt, pepper.


snail 3


Snail filet with wild mushrooms, porcini, in extra virgin olive oil with sun dried tomato and oregano.

A unique product that combines the best wild mushroom “ Porcini - King bolete of Grevena “ to our snail filet in extra virgin olive oil with Greek sun dried tomatoes and wild oregano. Enriched with flavors and aromas of the Macedonian land.


Escargots a la Bourguignon

snail 4 1


Choux pastry with Escargots

snail 5



Stuffed mushrooms with Escargots

snail 6

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