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From various regions of Greece women based on recipes handed down from generation to generation traditional workshops founded making various pastas of exceptional quality ingredients.

The combination of tradition with fully equipped art laboratories combines and creates pure quality and tasty products.

Use high quality flour, semolina, fresh eggs, fresh milk without preservatives and colorings.

The pasta is dried naturally and aroma and flavor are unique.

The range of our products from Thessalia and south Peloponnese is constantly enriched to cover all culinary delights of our clients.

It’s worth tasting our pure quality products.

Good food is something we need more than other good for balancing nutrition and health of the body.

All our products are certified with ISO 22000 – 2005

Here is the range of our products:

• Bell pasta
• Celery pasta
• Danteles pasta
• Garlic macaroni
• Kritharaki pasta
• Lazania
• Macaroni
- Macaroni classic
- Macaroni cut
• Noodles
- Noodles classic
- Noodles with tomatoe
- Noodles Zarakos
• Pence pasta
• Shell pasta
• Tagliatelle
- Tagliatelle classic
- Tagliatelle Zarakos
• Trahana
- Sweat Trahana
- Sour Trahana
- Spicy Trahana
• Vides (screw pasta)
- Plain screw pasta
- Three color screw pasta

• Hylopites - Pasta with stringing nettle
• Hylopites - Pasta with tomato and basil
• Hylopites - Pasta with oregano and mustard


250 – 500 gr
1 kg

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