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  •  What is the difference between the variety "Koroneiki" and others?

The "Koroneiki" variety is an unsurpassed worldwide variety.
Has a small fruit, is very productive concerning olive oil, is not affected by dry weather, it’s of high quality with acidity below 0,5% and this depends on the climate of its region.
Our olive trees grow on mountainous and semi mountainous regions resulting in better olive oil quality.
The most important advantage of the variety is that the fruit remains on the tree and ripens and doesn’t fall down.
Whereas the variety of "Athinoelia" or "Tsounati" is equally good and does not ripen gradually.
The other variety of "Koutsourelia" in region of Etoloakarnania and the variety of "Mikromanaki" in region of Korinth produce equally good oil but are below the "Koroneiki" variety standard.

  •  Why altitude is very important to the quality of olive oil?

The altitude plays an important role because the trees and the fruits are aired and are under the influence of sun.

  •  How long can olive oil be preserved?

Olive oil can be preserved the right way in closed bottles in dark and cool placed maximum for 2 years from the day of bottling.

  •  What is the difference between quality – quantity and price?

In order to have first rate quality olive oil trees need to have systematic care.
For instance for one liter of olive oil, 6 – 7 kilos of olives are required. Those olives must be collected in the traditional way and have gone through a cleaning process till they reach our kitchen.
The quality is more important than quantity.

  •  What we should be careful about when buying olive oil?
It’s not enough to say that we produce extra quality of olive oil.
The most important thing is to make sure that the consumer is able to check what he eats.
The olive oil should be certified because this is an assurance for what we eat.
The consumer should always ask from the producer the name of production, the proper packing certification as well as the date of production.
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