Sea Salt

The white gold of Mani

The white gold of Mani, "Fleur de Sel", or sea salt, has been gathered on the rocks in the area of Thalames in Mani for many years approximately 100 years ago.

The 3 big rocks of the foot of Taygetos Mountain have lots of natural salt works where the valuable Gold Crystal of Mani will be collected.

Τhe sea salt is gathered from June to September. The procedure of harvest is easy, traditional and takes time for the pools of salt water in the sun to evaporate and slowly form a crust of salt on the rocks. The whole procedure needs sun and warm weather. In this way a thin white crust of salt is ready to be picked up from the collector with a wooden tool similar to a straining spoon scratching the salt off the rocks and puts it in a plastic bag with holes. Then he leaves the salt in the sun to dry up and packs it without any ingredients in glasses.

The rocks in Thalames produce yearly approx. 6 tons untreated salt and is one of the best salts in the Mediterranean.

Our Fleur de Sel is used in gourmet cooking and specialty meat, fish and salads for a healthy diet.

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